I’ll Cry if Want To – Devised and Performed by Wildhouse Circus

Review by: Danni Ashton

Fri 10th Jan 2020

We all know the beautiful sound of screeching balloons deflating at kid’s parties, and this is what we experienced when entering the Brunswick Hotel, because of the large amount of kids attending the show for Wildhouse Circus’ premiere season of I’ll Cry if Want To for Fringe at the Edge of the World.

The audience focus their attention when the sound of a delightful Aboriginal acknowledgement starts, tailored specifically for a kid’s party which is genuine and fun. We then hear the familiar sounds of Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion, which sets the scene for our three clowns.

The story loosely follows all the hallmarks of a kid’s birthday while presenting all our party favourites, with a big twist of circus. Some of the audience highpoints were the hybrid Marco, Polo/Pin the Tail on the Donkey and the brilliant blindfolded hoola-hooping. But the real highlight of the show was the incredible scene with the German acro wheel, and a bunch of those noisy balloons which the kids were trying to blow up at the start. The distinct contrast of classical music and balloons popping not only captured interest but was also very beautiful. The grand finale of body balance acrobatics should also be mentioned because it was awe inspiring stuff.

The venue stage area was unfortunately quite restricting for the performers, but they adjusted to the space and delivered a very professional performance. Considering this is the company’s first run of the show, this playful piece of fringe circus deserves way more kids to join their party and celebrate with them at future fringe festivals.  


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