Review: Flexible. by: Rob Braslin

Review by: Danni Ashton

Fri 10th Jan 2020

I think we’re all pretty comfortable at the moment to be taking the piss out of our incompetent Prime Minister, and that was no exception for comedian Rob Braslin, performing in his show Flexible at the Republic Bar upstairs. But Scomo wasn’t the only thing on Bobby’s lips during this very funny night of comedy.

Braslin is now what you would class as a stalwart of the Tasmanian comedy scene, and deservedly so. He always brings such an honest performance which captures audience’s hearts and minds, and we certainly can’t unsee those mental images he so wonderfully creates with his storytelling.

The night started with a warm up by comedian David Rish, with some cute dad jokes, as well as in true manly comedy fashion, some totally inapproaps family jokes. Rish warmed the audience up just nicely for Braslin, and Braslin warmed himself up very nicely for the audience, by starting out with an interpretive dance with some high kicks and wall leg lifts, showing the audience his true form as a flexible comedian.

The show was a mixed bag of one liners, and story-telling, which showcases Braslin’s natural comic delivery and unwavering vulnerability. I particularly liked his portrayal of the dad-on-the-wall back scratch, reminiscing about hanging with his dad, and the beautiful honest story when he says “I love Bunnings and I think I love my dad” which leads to more back scratching.

The show wraps up, with Braslin creating fringe visual art, and painting his belly red, thrusting it at the canvas and then invites his uncle (who is actually a real painter) to finish the piece, so they can auction it off to raise money for the bushfire relief fund. Braslin’s auction fetches $50 towards the fund, and we’re all lucky enough to witness a comedian with a red belly and a red hand. Make sure you get along to Sunday 12th Jan performance which is now a comedy fundraiser for bush fire relief with a great line up of local and interstate acts, you too might get to see Braslin’s red belly and a talented Tasmanian comedian in all his flexibility.  

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